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Bath & District Indoor League
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
League Shield Division One :  Unscheduled Matches
Teams are allowed to play more than one game per day in this competition.
78 in list

Academy v Combe Down Cosmos
Academy v Shifty
Academy v Sporting ABG

Athletico Bath v Academy
Athletico Bath v Combe Down Cosmos
Athletico Bath v Real Sosobad
Athletico Bath v Shifty
Athletico Bath v Southdown Santos
Athletico Bath v Sporting ABG

Bathelona v Academy
Bathelona v Athletico Bath
Bathelona v Beechen Cliff Allstars
Bathelona v Combe Down Cosmos
Bathelona v Francly Wanderers
Bathelona v L. & C.
Bathelona v Real Sosobad
Bathelona v Shifty
Bathelona v Southdown Santos
Bathelona v Sporting ABG
Bathelona v Two Weir Town

Beechen Cliff Allstars v Academy
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Athletico Bath
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Combe Down Cosmos
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Francly Wanderers
Beechen Cliff Allstars v L. & C.
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Real Sosobad
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Shifty
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Southdown Santos
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Sporting ABG
Beechen Cliff Allstars v Two Weir Town

Francly Wanderers v Academy
Francly Wanderers v Athletico Bath
Francly Wanderers v Combe Down Cosmos
Francly Wanderers v Real Sosobad
Francly Wanderers v Shifty
Francly Wanderers v Southdown Santos
Francly Wanderers v Sporting ABG

Jamie's Italian v Academy
Jamie's Italian v Athletico Bath

Jamie's Italian v Bathelona
Jamie's Italian v Beechen Cliff Allstars
Jamie's Italian v Combe Down Cosmos
Jamie's Italian v Francly Wanderers
Jamie's Italian v L. & C.
Jamie's Italian v Real Sosobad
Jamie's Italian v Shifty
Jamie's Italian v Southdown Santos
Jamie's Italian v Sporting ABG
Jamie's Italian v Two Weir Town

L. & C. v Academy
L. & C. v Athletico Bath
L. & C. v Combe Down Cosmos
L. & C. v Francly Wanderers
L. & C. v Real Sosobad
L. & C. v Shifty
L. & C. v Southdown Santos
L. & C. v Sporting ABG

Real Sosobad v Academy
Real Sosobad v Combe Down Cosmos
Real Sosobad v Shifty
Real Sosobad v Southdown Santos
Real Sosobad v Sporting ABG

Shifty v Combe Down Cosmos

Southdown Santos v Academy
Southdown Santos v Combe Down Cosmos
Southdown Santos v Shifty
Southdown Santos v Sporting ABG

Sporting ABG v Combe Down Cosmos
Sporting ABG v Shifty

Two Weir Town v Academy
Two Weir Town v Athletico Bath
Two Weir Town v Combe Down Cosmos
Two Weir Town v Francly Wanderers
Two Weir Town v L. & C.
Two Weir Town v Real Sosobad
Two Weir Town v Shifty
Two Weir Town v Southdown Santos
Two Weir Town v Sporting ABG