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North East Christian Fellowship League
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Match Day :  Saturday, 22 Oct 2011 Saturday, 29 October 2011 Saturday, 05 Nov 2011
Players Suspended
There are 10 matches
Premier Division
6 4 Jesmond Parish Church - Newcastle v Whitley Bay Baptist Church
 A: D.Allen  T.Kenney(2)  D.Kenny  A.Heslop (C)
2 5 Saint Aidan's Chapel Castington v Saint Peter's Church Low Fell
H: M.Haigh(2)  A: C.Hutchinson  S.Jones  P.Sutherland  C.Taylor(2)  A.Mitchell  P.Sutherland
3 2 Saint John's Church Snod's Edge v Saint Charles RC Church Gosforth
H: C.Atkin  M.Clark  K.Regan (C)  A: D.Marrin  T.Spencer (C)  M.Clark  M.Slater
3 10 Saint Oswald's Church - Newcastle v Whitley Lodge Baptist Church
H: D.Baxter  D.Sowerby(2)  A: S.Elstob(2)  D.Hope (C)(4)  M.Lamb(2)  P.Russell (C)(2)  D.Sowerby  M.Sizer (C)
4 4 Stockton Churches - Hebron v Morpeth Baptist Church
H: A.Cochrane  A.Laidler (C)  S.Richardson(2)  A: M.Chambers (C)  A.Elliott (C)  D.Johnson  L.Tanney  S.Richardson  D.Johnson
1 0 Stockton Churches - Portrack v Billingham Crusaders
H: M.Moore  B.Lynch (C)  D.Bell
Division One
2 6 Bethshan v Newcastle Westgate Lionsraw
H: L.Davies  M.Langdown (C)  A: P.Fradgley(2)  D.Murray(2)  OG  K.Parsons  M.Miley
4 2 City Church Newcastle v Elim Pentecostal Sunderland
H: B.Fothergill (C)  J.Fothergill (C)  C.Homans (C)(2)  A: M.Davison  J.Page  C.Homans (C)  A.Young
8 0 Consett Saint Patrick v Sunderland Methodist Circuit
H: C.Connelly (C)(3)  M.Herdman (C)  A.Murray(4)  D.Pyke (C)
3 1 YAV FC SMC v Bethany Houghton
H: A.Reynolds (C)(2)  D.Snowdon (C)  A: M.Verinder  R.Duggan  M.Naile
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Calvary Christian Fellowship Sunderland
2. Christ Church Durham
3. Emmanuel Church Durham
4. Hope Church Sunderland
5. South Bank Baptist Church
6. Tees Valley Community Church
7. Calvary Christian Fellowship Sunderland
8. Emmanuel Church Durham
9. Hope Church Sunderland