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VB Trophies Cambridge Sunday Football League
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Match Day :  Sunday, 20 Nov 2011 Sunday, 27 November 2011 Sunday, 04 Dec 2011
Players Suspended
There are 30 matches
1 2 067 Oceans Eleven (Letchworth) v Ashwell [ Round 3 ]
Royston Scaffolding & Roofing Cup (Div 1 & 2)
2 0 024 Fordham Spartans v Newnham Rangers [ Round 3 ]
Fordham Rec
 L. Sheldrick
H: J.Brown  I.Walters
3 2 025 Ree United v Walpole Warriors Sports [ Round 3 ]
Bottisham Sports Centre
 P. Norman
H: C.Osborne(3)  A: J.Maltby  J.Scott
1 6 026 Kitsonians v Newmarket Cherry Tree [ Round 3 ]
Manor Community College (Pitch 2)
 J. Karram
H: T.Matthews  A: S.Freeland  A.Prigg(3)  W.Reddick  G.Williams
0 11 027 Barnwell Rangers v Fen Ditton [ Round 3 ]
Fitzwilliam College Ground
 A. Davies
 A: T.Barham(2)  J.Lynch(3)  M.Mepham(2)  L.Northfield  R.Palmer(2)  B.Tulloch
1 6 028 Witchford Raiders v Fowlmere Metals [ Round 3 ]
Witchford Sports & Social Club
 A. Clenshaw
H: M.Sellers  A: T.Bradley  D.Crotty  G.Crotty(2)  D.McMurrough(2)
1 3 029 Sandon v Trumpington Tornadoes [ Round 3 ]
Sandon Rec
 R. Daniels
H: A.Myers  A: D.Fitzjohn  A.Jobe  W.Wilson
2 4 031 Shelford & Stapleford Strikers Seniors v Oakington Vikings [ Round 3 ]
Shelford Rec
 E. Karram
H: M.Bell(2)  A: J.Carman(2)  R.Munro  J.Ruston
Senior Division
4 2 Coton v Exning United
Coton Rec
 G. Duguid
H: C.Ewles(2)  S.Sabey  L.Seaber-Shinn  A: S.Ireland  W.Tyte
3 5 Fulbourn Sport Sun. v Falcons
Linton Village College
Note change of venue
 M. Hancock
H: T.Dance  G.Lunn  R.Phillips  A: T.Beck  S.Hefferon  C.Lindsay  L.Whitehead(2)
0 1 Girton Eagles v Fulbourn Rovers
Girton Rec
 P. Howard
 A: C.Green
2 3 Magpies 2001 v Bar Hill
Downing College Ground
 J. Marasca
H: G.James  D.May  A: J.Barber  M.Lee  A.Lenton
Division 1A
8 2 Brinkley Red Lion v Milton Sunday
Brinkley Rec
 A. Shaaban
H: S.Avis(7)  J.Collins  A: W.Gunn  G.Hodgson
5 1 Waggon & Horses v Over Crusaders
George Lambton Field
 D. Burch
H: J.Linwood(2)  J.Mitchell  D.Mulholland  J.Parr  A: A.Smith
Division 1B
1 1 Sawston Wanderers v Cherry Hinton Lions Sunday
Sawston Lynton Way
 M. Richardson
H: A.Speed  A: C.Barrett
Division 2A
2 0 Flying Pig v Ely Crusaders Sunday
Cottenham Village College (Pitch 2)
 K. Mott
H: S.Johnson  S.Smith
Division 2B
3 1 Ashwell Reserves v Drayton Lions
Ashwell Recreation Ground
 . A-club-member
H: D.Othman(2)  T.Pinnock  A: S.Kavanagh
5 0 Litlington Sunday v Barkway & Barley
Litlington Rec
 O. Guy
H: J.Evans(3)  H.Lee-Stevens(2)
0 0 Sawston Villa v Guilden Morden
Sawston Village College
 I. Pascu
Division 3A
1 2 Alma Reserves v Dynamo Keith
Cottenham Village College
 J. Few
H: D.McCubbine  A: G.Smith  B.Whitaker
4 0 Exning United Reserves v Arbury Vipers
Exning Lacey's Lane
 P. Hennerby
H: C.Summerskill  G.Summerskill  T.Thatcher(2)
4 0 Hurricanes v Histon British Legion
Cottenham Village College (Pitch 3)
 P. Mitcham
H: J.Flack  M.Regec  R.Stevens(2)
3 2 Little Downham United v Little Thetford Social Club
Little Downham Rec
 . A-club-member
H: L.Bowers  M.Hampshire  A.Sore  A: J.Amory  L.Green
9 1 New Chesterton Institute v Phoenix
Manor Community College
 P. Hampshire
H: N.Brett  D.Clements(4)  H.Litim  L.Skinner-1  J.Wilton  D.Worth-1  A: B.Conran
Division 3B
0 3 Fowlmere Bostocks v Elmdon
Fowlmere Sports
 H. Cutmore
 A: D.Davis  C.Finlay  OG
3 2 Radwinter (S) v Sawston Athletic
Carver Barracks- Wimbish
 . A-club-member
H: T.Heath(2)  J.Murrie  A: S.Poulter(2)
1 4 Rock (The) v Cambridge Musketeers Seniors
Sawston Mill Lane Rec
 D. Tovey
H: D.Bashford  A: W.Dunn  B.Maio  L.Morfill(2)
4 2 Teversham v Coldhams Dons
Quy Rec
 F. Weldon
H: D.Bane  B.Thorp  F.Zullumi(2)  A: R.Cooper  J.Sharman
1 2 Gransden v Iceni Rangers (WITHDRAWN)
Gt Gransden Rec
 R. Clark
H: S.Crane  A: M.Payne  H.Peacock
A 030 Ickleton v Y.M.C.A. Cambridge [ Abandoned ]
Ickleton Rec
Moved from Royston Scaffolding & Roofing Cup (Div 1 & 2) to Miscellaneous. Tony P abandoned due to injury replay 4 Dec
abandoned serious player injury- replay 4th Dec
 M. Flitton
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Chippenham
2. Cambridge Cosmos
3. Cambridge Fire & Rescue
4. Alma
5. Cambridge Cosmos Reserves
6. Cambridge Fans United
7. Prince of Wales Newmarket
8. Meldreth United