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Toolstation Western Football League
Member of the National League System
2010-2011 Season
Thursday, 24 April 2014
Match Day :  Friday, 22 Apr 2011 Monday, 25 April 2011 Saturday, 30 Apr 2011
Players Suspended
There are 15 matches
Premier Division
0 1 Barnstaple Town v Willand Rovers
Mill Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 113
 J. McCaffery  M. Curtis  G. Harris
 A: P.Carpenter  B.Mammola
3 3 Bishop Sutton v Bristol Manor Farm
3:00 PM

Attendance 65
 D. Bryant  R. Cockle  J. Daniells
H: T.Dailly  B.Downes(2)  A: J.Adams  D.Maye  A.Perry  B.Downes
0 0 Bitton v Brislington
Bitton Recreation Ground
3:00 PM

Attendance 102
 A. Matthews  A. Fricker  M. Veater
2 2 Corsham Town v Street
3:00 PM

Attendance 155
 A. Bird  O. Ballinger  R. Smith
H: A.Ledgister  B.Woodford  A: B.Amghar  A.Lomax  A.Ledgister  N.Whatley
3 3 Dawlish Town v Ilfracombe Town
Sandy Lane
3:00 PM

Attendance 63
 S. Annis  M. Ault  L. Mankee
H: G.Fisher(3)  A: L.Francis  S.Holland  L.Taswell  G.Fisher  L.Francis
1 2 Radstock Town v Larkhall Athletic
Southfields Recreation Ground
3:00 PM

Attendance 84
 C. Wade  S. Barclay  K. Bungay
H: B.Sandquest  A: N.Auckland  L.Scott  B.Sandquest  J.Davoile
4 2 Wells City v Welton Rovers
Athletic Ground
3:00 PM

Attendance 120
 D. Ricketts  M. Halford  N. Brimming
H: J.Gowers  B.Higgins  S.Murray(2)  A: M.Reynolds(2)  C.Dando
First Division
2 1 Almondsbury UWE v Keynsham Town
The Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 50
 P. Mountgarret  R. Connolly  T. Ganfield
H: S.Peplow(2)  A: I.Machattie  S.Peplow
1 2 Bridport v Gillingham Town
St Marys Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 195
 R. Morris  C. Brokenshaw  R. Cody
H: R.Dovell  A: L.Rossiter(2)  R.Dovell  L.Rossiter
1 1 Cadbury Heath v Roman Glass St George
3:00 PM

Attendance 65
 J. Bishop  M. Chown  C. Skyrme
H: S.Tong  A: P.Coles  L.Maloney  S.Mansfield
1 3 Elmore v Chard Town
Horsdon Park
3:00 PM

Attendance 47
 G. Barter  G. Stonham  I. Knauer
H: T.Kelly  A: J.Boyland(3)  S.Kemp  J.Boyland
0 3 Hengrove Athletic v Oldland Abbotonians
Norton Lane
3:00 PM

Attendance 50
 R. Lawrence  J. Farrant  M. Farrant
 A: M.Huxley(2)  M.Pocock  S.Cummins  M.Pocock
2 2 Melksham Town v Bradford Town
The Conigre
1:00 PM

Attendance 245
 J. Madaras  J. Davies  S. Fearnly
H: S.Greener  G.Higdon  A: S.Hulbert  N.Ross  S.Greener  D.Percival
1 4 Portishead Town v Merthyr Town
Bristol Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 207
 A. Salter  D. Hoareau  P. Mawhood
H: C.Holder  A: S.Armitage  M.Griffiths  J.Leahy(2)  S.Gribble  J.Leahy
1 5 Shrewton United v Calne Town
Shrewton Recreation Ground
1:00 PM

Attendance 63
 C. Pink  C. Butland  P. Larman
H: J.Walters  A: L.Cox(3)  D.King  J.Roberts
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Hallen
2. Longwell Green Sports
3. Odd Down (Bath)
4. Sherborne Town
5. Wellington
6. Devizes Town
7. Shepton Mallet
8. Westbury United