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Middlesex County Football League (Sundays)
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Match Day :  Sunday, 04 Mar 2012 Sunday, 11 March 2012 Sunday, 18 Mar 2012
Players Suspended
There are 20 matches
3 6 063 Denham Saints v Airman Athletic [ Semi Final ]
Brunel University Sports Centre
H: A.Cumber(2)  M.Murphy  A.Cumber
President's Cup
0 3 020 Old Greenfordians v Northolt Rangers [ Quarter Final ]
Warren Farm
 C. Potter
 A: D.Parillon(2)  R.Parillon  A.Smith
2 5 022 Thorney Park v Hayes End Wanderers [ Quarter Final ]
Upton Court Park
 K. Rea
H: G.Benn  S.Sykes  A: D.Gordon  J.McIntyre  D.Meek(2)  M.Warner  R.Moran  D.Meek
Premier Division Cup
5 4 006 Chiswick Albion v Northolt Manor [ Semi Final ]
Bedfont Football Club
10:30 AM
 A. Kowalski  J. Hogg (Snr)  B. Axtell
H: A.Clarke  O.Soskic(2)  L.White(2)  A: W.Harvey(2)  A.Hiblen  T.Tanswell  O.Soskic
Division Five Cup
2 2 008 AFC Heathrow v Westpoint United [ Semi Final ] [ Home Win on penalties ]
Cranford Community College
FT1-1 AET2-2- Pens4-3
 N. Briggs
H: S.Bridgeman  J.Harts  A: A.Day  R.Kelly  S.Bridgeman
Division One
8 1 Athletico Bil Plough v Harmondsworth
Barnhill Community Centre
No result (SCH)Result from away side.
 H. Mirza
H: L.Cooper  R.Giles(2)  R.Jones  A.Meakes  B.Mills  R.Thompson  A: D.Maphosa  D.Maphosa
3 7 Brentford St. Georges v West Park United
London Marathon Playing Fields
 A. Stamps
H: K.Louis(2)  J.Osborne  A: N.Barrett(3)  T.Ngegba  S.Nor(2)  C.Vanterpool  N.Barrett
1 6 Yeading ABS v The Dolphin
Barnhill Community Centre
 W. Jaso
H: A.Keating  A: J.Casey(3)  R.Fenton  R.Jones  T.Thunder  P.Martin
Division Two
4 3 Bridgehill v Featherstone Legends
Coney Green
 A. West
H: C.Gilsenan(3)  D.Kerr
3 0 CB Hounslow United (Sunday) 3rds v Yeading Lane
Osterley Sports Club
Change of referee
 M. Broughton
H: D.Cawley  H.Kaoud  T.Salako  S.Wickham
3 1 R Benson v Ruislip Rovers
New Pond Playing Fields
No result (SCH)Result from away side .
 B. Capel
H: M.Baker  O.Corbyn  K.McKenna  A: A.Baker
6 2 Royal Park v Roxeth District Albion
L.P.O.S.S.A. Sports Ground (Behind Rising Sun Pub)
 D. Reeve
H: M.El Azizi(3)  B.Harrison  G.Lenihan  OG  A: B.Bird  S.Calvert  M.El Azizi
Division Three
1 3 Parkway v AFC Hammersmith Town
Cranford Community College (Pitch 5)
 C. May
H: L.Grelet  A: L.Clement  J.Quamina  C.Thomas  C.Thomas
2 1 S.S. Hounslow v Hayes Alexander
Indian Gymkhana Club
referee now unavailable
 . Club Referee
H: A.Kulis  J.Smith  A: D.Hand  J.Smith  R.Pleadon
Division Four
2 1 Heathrow Club v Lord Hill
Grange Playing Fields
No result (SCH)
 . Club Referee
H: C.Houlihan(2)  A: S.Moore  A.Field
1 4 Martin Bakers United v Load of Hay
Martin Baker Sports & Social Club
 R. Kipling
H: A.Webster  A: C.Botten(2)  J.Gossedge(2)  A.Webster  J.Gossedge
H - South Ealing Saints v Aym Higher [ Home Win was awarded ]
Cranford Community College
Away team arrived without ID cards - discip dealing (SCH)
 P. Bailey
3 0 UB6 United v Greenford Gaints
Little Harlington Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 M. Dirawash
H: S.Hodges(2)  L.O'Connor
Division Five
5 2 Botwell Legends v Adam and Eve
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 . Club Referee
H: S.Dell(2)  S.Jones  J.Nicholson(2)
2 0 Reality v Northolt Shepherds
Roxeth Recreation Ground
10:30 AM
 D. Russell
H: S.Montaut  J.Newell
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. British Airways (Sunday)
2. FC Yiewsley
3. Firm Foundations
4. Larkspur Rovers
5. Old Southall
6. Spartak 2010
7. Acton Central
8. Cowley
9. Hanwell Chargers
10. Manor
11. Cowley United
12. West Drayton Explorers
13. Chiswick Meads
14. Hayes Lions
15. Hillingdon Park Rangers
16. UB6 United Reserves
17. White Hart Harlington
18. Acton Central
19. FC Yiewsley
20. Hayes Lions
21. Old Southall