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VB Trophies Cambridge Sunday Football League
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Match Day :  Sunday, 18 Dec 2011 Sunday, 08 January 2012 Sunday, 15 Jan 2012
Players Suspended
There are 30 matches
3 4 022 Shelford & Stapleford Strikers Seniors v Chippenham [ Quarter Final ]
Shelford Rec
 G. Duguid
2 0 023 Newnham Rangers v Coton [ Quarter Final ]
Emmanuel College Ground
 M. Leach
7 5 024 Falcons v Sawston Wanderers [ Quarter Final ]
Fitzwilliam College Ground
a.e.t 4-4 after 90
 M. Hancock
2 3 025 Fulbourn Rovers v Oakington Vikings [ Quarter Final ]
Quy Rec
 J. Iwanko
Senior Division
2 2 Bar Hill v Fulbourn Sport Sun.
Bar Hill Village Green
 J. Steel
H: W.Goddard  J.Salvage  A: D.Keith  B.Thompson
2 1 Exning United v Magpies 2001
Exning Lacey's Lane
 K. Mott
H: R.McCabe(2)  A: D.May
2 3 Girton Eagles v Ashwell
Girton Rec
 J. Garrett
H: J.Chandler  A.Diaper  A: OG  S.Umney  S.Umney
Division 1A
2 3 Fordham Spartans v Brinkley Red Lion
Fordham Rec
 P. Norman
H: L.Hammett  I.Walters  A: S.Avis(2)  J.Collins
3 1 Milton Sunday v Waggon & Horses
Milton Rec
 A. Kennedy
H: J.Devine  M.Fisher  G.Hodgson  A: C.Miller
3 1 Over Crusaders v Barnwell Rangers
Over Community Centre
 J. Marasca
H: R.Parker(2)  J.Way  A: J.Blake
Division 1B
5 3 Cambridge Cosmos v Ickleton
Impington Village College
please note change of venue to Impington VC
 L. Sheldrick
H: D.Brown(2)  M.Neave(2)  J.Yambasu  A: OG  R.Taylor  S.Wardley
1 0 Cherry Hinton Lions Sunday v Y.M.C.A. Cambridge
Cherry Hinton Rec
 M. Richardson
H: L.Meddows
3 0 Fowlmere Metals v Cambridge Fire & Rescue
Fowlmere Sports
 M. Wilson
H: G.Crotty  J.McMurrough(2)
Division 2A
0 3 Ely Crusaders Sunday v Newmarket Cherry Tree
Paradise Ground
 . A-club-member
 A: T.Attwood  A.Prigg  M.Sore
9 1 Fen Ditton v Cambridge Cosmos Reserves
Fen Ditton Rec
 G. Sprague
H: T.Barham  J.Lynch(3)  M.Mepham(3)  L.Northfield(2)  A: D.O'Keeffe
0 2 Flying Pig v Cambridge Fans United
Cottenham Village College (Pitch 2)
 A. Clenshaw
 A: C.Ruggiero(2)
1 6 Prince of Wales Newmarket v Ree United
George Lambton Field (Pitch 2)
 D. Burch
H: S.Clorley  A: C.Osborne(6)
Division 2B
0 5 Ashwell Reserves v Litlington Sunday
Ashwell Recreation Ground
 P. Hampshire
 A: S.Douglas(2)  A.Kowkabzadeh(2)  OG
2 3 Barkway & Barley v Sandon
Barkway Rec
 I. Pascu
H: R.Sealy(2)  A: A.Rodgers  L.Smith  R.West
3 2 Drayton Lions v Walpole Warriors Sports
Fen Drayton Rec
 E. Karram
H: L.Greef  S.Kavanagh  P.Orvis  A: J.Scott  M.Shevlin
9 0 Guilden Morden v Meldreth United
Guilden Morden Rec
 O. Guy
H: P.Colebrook  L.Cook(2)  A.Harvey(2)  J.Tidey  D.Wilson(3)
3 1 Kitsonians v Sawston Villa
Manor Community College (Pitch 2)
 A. Davies
H: A.Dobie  T.Matthews  D.Robson  A: M.Brindley
Division 3A
0 2 Dynamo Keith v Phoenix
Sedley Taylor Road
 S. Baker
 A: A.Butcher  C.Butcher
8 1 Hurricanes v Arbury Vipers
Cottenham Village College (Pitch 3)
 J. Few
H: S.Deards  D.Edwards(2)  L.Partridge(2)  A.Talbot(2)  N.Warner  A: A.Grass
2 4 Little Downham United v New Chesterton Institute
Little Downham Rec
 P. Mitcham
H: A.Ball  M.Hall  A: L.Clements  L.Skinner-1  J.Wilton(2)
3 2 Little Thetford Social Club v Exning United Reserves
Little Thetford Rec
 A. Shaaban
H: S.Tuck  M.Yardy(2)  A: T.Thatcher(2)
Division 3B
2 6 Coldhams Dons v Rock (The)
Coldhams Common
 J. Karram
H: S.Carter  E.Perez  A: B.Holland(2)  D.McManus  M.Pink(2)  B.Woor
1 1 Gransden v Radwinter (S)
Gt Gransden Rec
 R. Daniels
H: S.Crane  A: C.Bennett
1 2 Sawston Athletic v Cambridge Musketeers Seniors
Sawston Lynton Way
 F. Weldon
H: S.Poulter  A: H.Abrahams  L.Morfill
3 4 Iceni Rangers (WITHDRAWN) v Elmdon
Sawston Village College
 M. Flitton
H: M.Gouldthorp  A.Irvine(2)  A: R.Evans  C.Finlay(2)  K.Finlay
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Witchford Raiders
2. Trumpington Tornadoes
3. Alma
4. Alma Reserves
5. Histon British Legion
6. Fowlmere Bostocks
7. Teversham