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North East Christian Fellowship League
2011-2012 Season
Thursday, 24 April 2014
Match Day :  Saturday, 10 Dec 2011 Saturday, 07 January 2012 Saturday, 14 Jan 2012
Players Suspended
There are 13 matches
Premier Division
4 2 Billingham Crusaders v Saint Peter's Church Low Fell
H: D.Bell  A.Harris(2)  C.Hurrell  A: S.Patterson  C.Taylor  A.Harris  S.Patterson
3 3 Jesmond Parish Church - Newcastle v Whitley Lodge Baptist Church
H: M.Hall (C)  N.Livadas (C)  D.Mitchell  A: D.Hope (C)  M.Lamb(2)  N.Rowling (C)  S.Pietruszka (C)
2 7 Saint Aidan's Chapel Castington v Saint Oswald's Church - Newcastle
H: M.Haigh  J.Wright (C)  A: D.Baxter  S.Colbeck  A.Graham  A.Logan(2)  K.Ross  A.Smyth  A.Mitchell  A.Logan
1 2 Saint Charles RC Church Gosforth v Whitley Bay Baptist Church
H: D.Sznigir (c)  A: D.Allen  J.Stephenson  T.Tanjong  A.Hepple
5 2 Saint John's Church Snod's Edge v Morpeth Baptist Church
H: C.Allison (C)  C.Atkin  M.Clark  D.Mc Culloch (C)  D.Pearson  A: M.Chambers (C)(2)  C.Dawson (C)  M.Chambers (C)
2 2 Stockton Churches - Portrack v Stockton Churches - Hebron
H: A.Dawson (C)  L.Twizell  A: J.Mc Claren  S.Richardson  L.Hoggarth (C)  J.Mc Claren
Division One
2 3 Bethany Houghton v Consett Saint Patrick
H: R.Hartis  M.Naile  A: C.Connelly (C)  P.Price (C)  C.Wheatley (C)  M.Naile  D.Pyke (C)
1 6 Calvary Christian Fellowship Sunderland v Tees Valley Community Church
H: R.Orr  A: D.Docherty  C.Dunning  M.Horner (C)(3)  C.Thompson  J.Pfendt  R.Rudd
5 0 Emmanuel Church Durham v Elim Pentecostal Sunderland
H: S.Brooke  M.Elliott (C)(2)  R.Marklew (C)  B.Westerman (C)  M.Elliott (C)  D.Armstrong
2 2 Hope Church Sunderland v City Church Newcastle
H: D.Hawkins  P.Newsome  A: B.Fothergill (C)  L.Healy  A.Etchells (C)  L.Healy
3 0 Newcastle Westgate Lionsraw v Christ Church Durham
H: A.Carter  D.Murray  K.Parsons  K.Parsons  P.Wiggins (C)
4 1 Sunderland Methodist Circuit v South Bank Baptist Church
H: D.Anderson (C)  P.Blyth  K.Dufferwiel  OG  A: R.Earl (C)  F.Dicka (C)  C.Riley (C)
5 4 YAV FC SMC v Bethshan
H: R.Duggan(4)  A.Reynolds (C)  A: M.Kay  B.Miley  M.Miley(2)  R.Duggan  B.Miley
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