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Rotherham and District Sunday Football League
2008-2009 Season
Friday, 25 April 2014
Match Day :  Sunday, 28 Dec 2008 Sunday, 04 January 2009 Sunday, 11 Jan 2009
Players Suspended
There are 45 matches
ABS Group Premier Division
0 3 Aughton Robin Hood v Millmoor Juniors
 A: C.Bilton  J.Kitchen  K.Tomlinson
2 5 Brinsworth Whitehill v Reresby Arms Athletic
H: G.Gould  N.Longhurst  A: D.Conway(4)  M.Lee
1 3 GPS Green Dragon v S&M Canklow Hotel
H: J.Beggs  A: A.Connolly  S.Richardson(2)
0 6 Kiveton Park v Joker
 A: C.Green  R.Hayes(2)  R.Patterson  G.Petch  J.Wilson
4 1 Ring O'Bells AFP Kimberworth v Maltby Haynook
H: G.Allott  C.Haythorne  G.Hibbert(2)  A: J.Maric
2 2 White Swan AFC v Thurcroft
H: C.Usher  L.Winfindale  A: M.Hainsworth  D.Temple
Allen Engineering Division One
2 2 Hesley Wanderers v Three Magpies
H: M.Hainsworth  N.Pitts  A: N.Parker  J.Wadsworth
3 4 Rawmarsh Earl Grey v East Herringthorpe
H: T.Allen  S.Needham  M.Szczepkowski  A: R.Grice  C.Machin  C.Roden(2)
2 6 Thrybergh WMC v Thorpe Hesley Masons
H: S.Longden  D.Podmore  A: C.Anderson  C.Barrett  S.Chapman  D.Gleeson  A.Littlewood  T.White
1 6 Yellow Lion v Sunnyside
H: L.Lyons  A: P.Roberts(4)  J.Walker(2)
Division Two
2 3 FC Brinsworth v Maltby Miners (Sunday)
H: M.Richardson  T.Symcox  A: K.Coulson  L.Everton  K.McClare
0 4 KCM Fighting Cocks v Thorpe Red Lion
 A: D.Fitzgerald  S.Hamstead(2)  S.Oxley
4 1 Maltby Miners TR v Whiston
H: C.Bonser  A.Hancock  D.Oldfield(2)  A: C.Wosman
4 0 Rawmarsh Trades v Maltby Catholic Club
H: D.Lunn(2)  S.Robshaw  C.Smith
1 3 Sheppey v Clifton Rovers
H: C.Staniforth  A: A.Garlick  K.Garlick(2)
3 7 Sitwell Old Boys v Todwick Villa
H: L.Callander(2)  J.Davenport  A: C.Cocking(2)  L.Fitzgerald  D.Payne  S.Shepard(3)
Division Three
0 2 Anston Dynamoes v High Green Rovers
 A: L.Ardron  K.Bolsover
1 0 Swallownest Wetherby v Hare & Hounds Wellgate
H: C.Esberger
3 1 Thurcroft Top Club v Wilton Rotherham
H: M.Hall  J.Pickford  D.Walker  A: S.Loosemore
2 3 Treeton Cricket Club v Masons Arms Wellgate
H: N.Hirst  S.Marsden  A: A.Goodson  OG  D.Snelson
Division Four
0 8 Carlton Park Hotel v Plough
 A: N.Flintham(2)  M.Longmore  B.Ogden  K.Swift  I.Thomson(3)
5 5 Upper Haugh Dynamoes v Aston Rosegarth
H: D.Johnson  C.Quinn  K.South(2)  C.Stacey  A: C.Axelby  N.Carlin  J.Leigh  R.Marvin(2)
3 1 Wales Jubilee Club v FC Maltby Brooklands
H: G.Busby(2)  S.Toseland
1 1 Westbrook New Crown v Masons Arms Wickersley
H: J.Purdy  A: L.McVeigh
2 5 Westfield Rangers v Sporting Station
H: M.Jackson(2)  A: A.Baker  R.Deakin  K.Holmes(2)  OG
Division Five
6 1 AFC Titans v Laughton
H: L.Birks  L.Ellis(2)  S.Green  N.Kettleborough  K.Wilson  A: J.Hibbert
2 5 Dene Brook v Brampton TU
H: S.Malik  P.Simpson  A: M.Bell  M.Fanning  R.Thompson(3)
1 1 King Henry Bramley v RUSC 85 Sir Colin Campbell
 A: A.Kopiowski
2 4 Rawmarsh Cricket Club v Greasbrough Ship
H: N.Bevan(2)  A: J.Cooke  L.Cooper  M.Jenkinson(2)
2 7 The Ball 2008 v Three Horseshoes
 A: J.Bennett  P.Coulthard(5)  S.Davis
Division Six
7 0 Aughton v Buck & Griffin
H: A.Birch  C.Fowler  D.Moore  OG  J.Sampson  M.Sampson  J.Tuxford
3 3 Brampton v Kimmie Park Rangers A
H: M.Jones  A.Shaw  J.Young  A: D.Broadhead  C.Gallivan  D.Railton
1 3 East Dene Social Club v Harley Horseshoe
H: K.Little  A: A.Arezoo(2)  D.Wilkinson
2 2 Greasbrough Crown v Parkgate Inn
H: R.O-Keefe(2)  A: C.Outram  D.Wood
3 3 Manor Castle v AFC Milestone
H: J.Cowley  N.Houghton  c.Lomas  A: J.Angus(2)  S.Roberts
5 2 Moulders Rest v Horse and Jockey
H: C.Allott  D.Hall(2)  M.Shadwick  A.Walker  A: A.Balcon(2)
Division Seven
1 1 Manor Hotel v Harthill Blue Bell
H: D.Shaw  A: M.Schofield
1 1 Pewter Pot v Cavalier
 A: P.Rodgers
1 6 Rotherham Unison v Aston Athletic
H: M.Rollinson  A: M.Caudwell  K.Grayson(2)  A.Green  R.Lacey-Hatton  F.Whyman
5 1 Wickersley Social Club v AFC Don John
H: J.Bannon(2)  S.Dungworth(3)  A: J.Register
0 4 Yorkshire Terrier v Red Bull
 A: I.Draper  S.Johnson  T.Mathison(2)
Division Eight
0 2 Brush and Easel v Wickersley CC 08
 A: D.Fairclough  W.Fairclough
4 2 Crinoline Bridge v Dalton
H: J.Brailsford(3)  L.Mountney  A: D.Jones  M.Whatley
11 2 Eastwood Warriors v Edexcel Earthquakes
H: A.McEnery(2)  R.Moore  B.Viggars(3)  P.Westby(2)  R.Westby(3)  A: S.Cookson  J.Evans
6 2 Stag v Travellers Kimberworth
H: M.Parkinson(3)  A.Taylor(2)  A.Wilson
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Anston
2. Belvedere
3. Bramley Village
4. Ball Inn
5. Bradgate
6. Queens Rawmarsh
7. Brinsworth S.C.
8. Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel
9. Eastwood View WMC
10. Princess Royal
11. Master Brewer
12. Bradgate
13. Master Brewer