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ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2011-2012 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Match Day :  Friday, 30 Sep 2011 Saturday, 01 October 2011 Tuesday, 04 Oct 2011
Players Suspended
There are 36 matches
0 2 Bridgnorth Town v Long Buckby [ Second Round Qualifying ]
Attendance 201

Match Report
 A: D.Chilton  F.Koriya
0 2 Deeping Rangers v Leek Town [ Second Round Qualifying ]
Deeping Sports Club
Attendance 225

Match Report
4 2 Kings Lynn Town v Quorn [ Second Round Qualifying ]
The Walks Stadium
Attendance 812

Match Report
H: J.Defty  R.Harris  N.Moreira  S.Spriggs
3 2 Wootton Blue Cross v Wilshamstead [ Round 1 ]
Weston Park
after extra time

Match Report
 J. Campbell  C. Ross
H: D.Jozwiak  OG  W.Sells
6 1 City Colts v Olney Town Reserves [ Round 1 ]
2 4 Warboys Town v Eynesbury Rovers Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 R. Cusick
0 2 Corby Everard v Rushden & Higham United [ Round 1 ]
Match Report
 P. Wilson
 A: R.Kalla  M.Weekley
4 1 Desborough Town Reserves v Woodford United Reserves [ Round 1 ]
Waterworks Field
2 1 Northampton Spencer Reserves v Heyford Athletic [ Round 1 ]
Kingsthorpe Mill
 A. Kadir
1 2 Raunds Town v Brackley Sports [ Round 1 ]
Kiln Park
after extra time

Match Report
 G. Capps
H: K.Dobson
4 1 Corby Legion Locomotives v Rothwell Corinthians Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 K. Lawrence
3 0 Moulton Reserves v Northampton ON Chenecks Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 G. Williams
5 1 Rushden & Higham United Reserves v West Haddon [ Round 1 ]
Hayden Road
 T. Martin
4 2 Wellingborough OG v Burton Park Wanderers Reserves [ Round 1 ]
after extra time
 E. Fitzpatrick
1 2 Wollaston Victoria v Wellingborough Whitworth Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 G. McFarlane
Reserve League Cup Group 3
4 2 Bugbrooke St Michaels Reserves v Cogenhoe United Reserves
Birds Close
 B. Billson
H: L.Allen  R.Arundell  T.Bland  B.Janes  A: J.Bartley  L.Tuck
Reserve League Cup Group 4
6 0 Blackstones Reserves v Boston Town Reserves
Lincoln Road
 N. Smith
H: M.Baines  D.Carr(3)  C.McRoyall  C.Pippard
Premier Division
0 0 Boston Town v Northampton Spencer
The Stadium
Attendance 61

Match Report
 K. Yezek  P. Dobbs  A. Woollard
0 2 Cogenhoe United v St Ives Town
Compton Park
Attendance 58

Match Report
 P. Hodgson  K. Worrall  C. Rath
 A: L.Ellison  G.Robbins
3 2 Holbeach United v Yaxley
Carters Park
Attendance 116

Match Report
 A. Griffiths  R. Dungworth  V. Price
H: M.Griffiths  A.Tidswell(2)  A: S.Bettinson  A.Lodge
2 1 Irchester United v Desborough Town
Alfred Street
Attendance 55

Match Report
 P. Evans  M. Gospel  M. Morton
H: J.Gillingwater  D.Lawman  A: K.Byrne
6 1 Newport Pagnell Town v Daventry United
Willen Road
Attendance 68

Match Report
 M. Connolly  T. Whenham  J. Hedge
H: R.Armstrong(2)  D.Lawless(2)  S.McBride  V.Shrieves  A: D.Harris
2 1 Spalding United v Wellingborough Town 2004
Halley Stewart Field
Attendance 90

Match Report
 D. Pywell  S. Gray  M. Bruntlett
H: L.Hook  G.Smith  A: C.Di Fante
3 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v AFC Kempston Rovers
Recreation Ground
Attendance 31

Match Report
 W. Bright  M. Allen (PE)  M. Lake
H: M.Byrne(2)  S.Maude  A: M.Bunker  A.Phillips
3 1 Thrapston Town v Sleaford Town
Chancery Lane
Attendance 45

Match Report
 E. Clark  R. Coxhead  M. Chalkley
H: C.Jarvis(2)  A.Randall  A: J.Sharp
Division One
2 2 Harborough Town v Buckingham Town
Bowden's Park
Attendance 48

Match Report
 J. McGoldrick  T. Haynes  A. Humphries
H: R.Barnett  B.Gamble  A: C.Lee  C.Ross
4 0 Huntingdon Town v Northampton Sileby Rangers
Jubilee Park
Attendance 72

Match Report
 D. Hanna  J. Crook  P. Stewart
H: D.Drane  O.Odain(3)
1 2 Northampton ON Chenecks v Bugbrooke St Michaels
Old Northamptonians Sports Ground
Attendance 60

Match Report
 M. Wardell  J. Clark  S. Ashfield
H: G.Cottle  A: A.Bradshaw  A.Redmond
4 1 Olney Town v Wellingborough Whitworth
Recreation Ground
Attendance 85

Match Report
 A. Payne  C. Coles  G. Potterton
H: R.Ashraf  J.Cunniff  T.Gordon  D.Torto  A: J.Newman
1 1 Potton United v Bourne Town
The Hollow
Attendance 38

Match Report
 S. Barry  N. Arthur  R. Stephen
H: T.Randall  A: J.Walton
0 1 Rothwell Corinthians v Eynesbury Rovers
Seargeant's Lawn
Attendance 27

Match Report
 P. Ellis  C. Giles  I. Burridge
 A: L.Bassett
0 1 Rothwell Town v Burton Park Wanderers
Home Close
Attendance 71

Match Report
 D. O'Sullivan  J. Smith (NN9)  G. Bindlay
 A: J.Wisniewski
Reserve Division One
4 1 AFC Kempston Rovers Reserves v Thrapston Town Reserves
Hillgrounds Leisure
 A. Mpofu
H: J.Bamford(2)  G.Shannahan  R.Smith  A: D.Darker
3 1 Wellingborough Town 2004 Reserves v Huntingdon Town Reserves
Dog & Duck
 R. Page
H: N.Heycock  A.Hunt  L.Swane  A: A.Banda
Reserve Division Two
1 1 Bourne Town Reserves v Irchester United Reserves
Abbey Lawn
 T. Sharrock
H: L.Enderwick  A: J.Ebsworth
1 0 Long Buckby Reserves v Harborough Town Reserves
Station Road
Long Buckby Reserves -3 points
 G. Nowak
H: A.Gunn
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Raunds Town Reserves
2. Kings Lynn Town Reserves
3. St Ives Town Reserves
4. Raunds Town Reserves
5. Stewarts & Lloyds Corby Reserves
6. Kings Lynn Town Reserves
7. Peterborough Northern Star Reserves
8. Blackstones
9. Peterborough Northern Star
10. Kings Lynn Town Reserves
11. Peterborough Northern Star Reserves
12. Stewarts & Lloyds Corby Reserves
13. Raunds Town Reserves