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Surrey County Intermediate League (Western)
2008-2009 Season
Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Division One :  February Fixtures & Results for March April
20 in list
Saturday, 07 March 2009
6 0 Abbey Rangers v Ockham
Addlestone Moor
 C. Etherington
H: G.Burton  R.Gray(2)  R.Lemon  P.Shorter(2)  P.Frith  R.Davies
3 2 Cranleigh v Burymead
Snoxhall Playing Field
 S. Ferris
H: M.Butcher(2)  OG  A: D.Sullivan(2)  M.Butcher  D.Sullivan
2 1 Guildford City Weysiders v Burpham
Shalford Park (GCW)
 M. Matlak
H: M.Berry  A.Toner  A: S.Ford  A.Toner
0 2 Hammer United v University of Surrey
Hammer Lane Ground
 C. North
 A: I.Pyrillis(2)  I.Pyrillis
1 2 Pyrford v Ewhurst
Pyrford Cricket Ground
 P. Wootton
H: A.Beasley  A: C.Robinson  O.Winberg  R.Neal
2 1 Unis Old Boys v Royal Holloway Old Boys
Varsity Centre (Pitch 2)
 A. Freeman
H: OG  J.Ramsay  A: D.Good  P.Godson  A.Myles
Saturday, 14 March 2009
2 0 Burpham v University of Surrey
Sutherland Memorial Park
 B. Shelley
H: C.Board  OG
1 1 Burymead v Hammer United
Bisley Recreation Ground
 R. Sharpe
H: D.Sullivan  A: C.Judge  D.Sullivan
1 2 Ewhurst v Royal Holloway Old Boys
The Recreation Ground Ewhurst
 I. Ransom
H: R.Neal  A: J.Gilliland  A.Norwood  D.White  A.Worth
2 0 Guildford City Weysiders v Unis Old Boys
Shalford Park (GCW)
 M. Todino
H: S.Lugo  J.Scammell  S.Lugo
Saturday, 21 March 2009
2 0 Burpham v Unis Old Boys
Sutherland Memorial Park
 M. Feast
H: T.Ealden  C.Moore  S.Musk
5 1 Cranleigh v Pyrford
Snoxhall Playing Field
 C. Tidey
H: M.Cobby  J.Ewart-Davis(3)  G.Palmer  A: OG  J.Ewart-Davis
1 5 Ockham v Guildford City Weysiders
Hautboy Meadow
 D. Cooper
H: D.Cullen  A: R.Hamblin  A.North  A.Toner(2)  L.Torres  S.Plant  R.Hamblin
1 2 Royal Holloway Old Boys v Hammer United
Royal Holloway College Playing Fields
 M. Todino
H: O.Saleem  A: D.Judge  C.Thayre  O.Saleem
2 0 University of Surrey v Ewhurst
Varsity Centre
 S. Ferris
H: B.Goodwin  M.Hodges  B.Pudney  D.White
Saturday, 28 March 2009
8 0 Abbey Rangers v Royal Holloway Old Boys
Addlestone Moor
 M. Matlak
H: G.Burton  R.Gray(3)  P.Shorter  J.Tindall(3)  J.Tindall  A.Norwood
3 0 Cranleigh v Hammer United
Snoxhall Playing Field
 A. Morrison
H: J.Ewart-Davis(2)  P.Inwood  G.Palmer  S.Dudley
1 2 Ewhurst v Guildford City Weysiders
The Recreation Ground Ewhurst
 B. Mather
H: OG  A: J.Michael  A.Toner  C.Robinson  A.Toner
1 0 Ockham v Burymead
Hautboy Meadow
 D. Keen
H: G.Ford  G.Ford  T.Brown
1 1 Pyrford v University of Surrey
Pyrford Cricket Ground
 L. Read
H: S.Warne  A: B.Pudney  E.Bickerton