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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Saturday, 30 July 2016
Division One (East) :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
21 in list
Saturday, 07 September 2013
0 4 Burnham v Headington Amateurs
The Gore
Attendance 18
 N Briggs  S N Smith  B Hill
 A: P.Hedger(3)  S.Jacobs  C.Christie
3 1 Chalfont Wasps v Finchampstead
Attendance 33
 M. Roberts  R Cross  M Laughlin  . CFA Assessor
H: C.Shennan  D.Zealey(2)  A: R.Kell  D.Zealey  R.Kell
3 2 Chinnor v Henley Town
Station Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 63
 J Bird  S Shannon  J Hobbs
H: S.Braun  A.Dawson  M.Wojcowicz  A: J.Sawyer  J.Essex  M.Cooper
0 2 Maidenhead United v AFC Hinksey
York Road
Attendance 36
 W Ottaway  S Webb  R Hey  . CFA Assessor
 A: J.McMahon  D.Thomas  B.Shaw  D.Thomas
3 3 Penn & Tylers Green v Rayners Lane
French School Meadows
3:00 PM
 G Manyange  R Solomon  C Ludlow  . CFA Assessor
H: C.Hurst  A.Morten  R.Sepede  A: D.Chadbourne  C.McCarroll(2)  D.Jordan  S.Stainsby
1 0 Wokingham & Emmbrook v Milton United
Lowther Road
Attendance 122
 A Lewis  R Pardoe  P Umali
H: J.Butler  J.Gibbs  R.Tyler
2 1 Woodley Town v Didcot Town
East Park Farm
Attendance 30
 I Bath  R Emmans  T Walton
H: M.Alleyne  K.Hylton  A: J.Robinson  M.Alleyne
Saturday, 14 September 2013
6 1 Headington Amateurs v Maidenhead United
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 29
 S Parbery  T Walton  I Vallance  K. Clarke
H: P.Hedger(2)  L.Morbey(2)  T.Payne(2)  A: B.Shaw  T.Payne  B.Shaw
3 0 Milton United v Henley Town
Milton Heights
Attendance 21
 C Potter  R. Mason  A Whichelow  P. Scott
H: D.Cox-Rogers  P.Howe  R.Joyce  B.Chalmers  A.Nunn
0 6 Rayners Lane v AFC Hinksey
Tithe Farm Social Club
Attendance 36
 N Briggs  C Chard  W Ottaway  C. Lifford
 A: R.Curtin(2)  J.McMahon(2)  A.Odhiambo(2)  C.McCarroll  T.Brackett
3 1 Woodley Town v Finchampstead
East Park Farm
Attendance 36
 A Hickman  F Devine  S Kamaldian
H: M.Alleyne  G.Davies  L.Maycock  A: S.Ryan  L.Maycock  A.Barnard
Saturday, 21 September 2013
1 0 Burnham v Finchampstead
The Gore
Attendance 23
 S Podsadny  R Hey  J Barnett
H: A.Berry  M.Edwards  K.Bradley
2 1 Headington Amateurs v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 45
 P Redmond  L Assistant  C Ludlow
H: P.Hedger  T.Payne  A: L.Scope  A.Williams  G.Dance
3 2 Henley Town v Didcot Town
The Triangle
Attendance 21
 G Manyange  R. Mason  S Shannon  . CFA Assessor
H: B.Clark  L.Howell  B.Rann  A: S.Borland  T.Ingram  L.Howell  A.Williams
4 6 Maidenhead United v Penn & Tylers Green
York Road
Attendance 28
 G Coster  D Cox  R. Whittaker
H: B.Cisse(2)  J.Dark  B.Shaw  A: J.Fox  C.Hurst(3)  J.Pritchard  R.Sepede  J.Tabiri  C.Hurst
2 1 Rayners Lane v Chalfont Wasps
Tithe Farm Social Club
Attendance 48
 L Scott  J Bird  S. Olhausen
H: J.Mattan  J.Smith  A: C.Shennan  J.Smith  A.Feaver
1 3 Woodley Town v AFC Hinksey
East Park Farm
Attendance 46
 R Beveridge  P Kelly  R Emmans
H: D.Watkiss  A: J.Constant  J.McMahon  A.Odhiambo  D.Watkiss  J.Dunmall
Saturday, 28 September 2013
7 3 AFC Hinksey v Henley Town
Culham Road
Attendance 30
 Craig Boyles  S. Olhausen  S N Smith
H: J.Dunmall(3)  J.McMahon(2)  A.Odhiambo(2)  A: S.Cripps  S.Rolfe  G.Sims  A.Doyle  G.Sims
1 2 Finchampstead v Penn & Tylers Green
Finchampstead Memorial Park
Attendance 30
 P Andrews  M Walker  R. Mason
H: J.Henderson  A: C.Hurst  D.Jordan  J.Henderson  A.Bradley
2 1 Rayners Lane v Maidenhead United
Tithe Farm Social Club
Attendance 36
 M Hounsell  R Redman  S Webb
H: C.Cassell  Z.Thomas  A: M.Gbo  C.Cassell  M.Gbo
0 2 Woodley Town v Burnham
East Park Farm
Attendance 28
 M Filipiak  I Vallance  S Kamaldian
 A: A.Simmonds(2)  L.Maycock  A.Simmonds