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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Friday, 26 August 2016
Division One (East) :  July Fixtures & Results for August September
38 in list
Saturday, 10 August 2013
9 0 AFC Hinksey v Woodley Town
Culham Road
 N Fisher  G Manyange  R Emmans
H: J.Dunmall(5)  A.Odhiambo  J.Tabor  D.Thomas(2)  J.Tabor  O.Cofie
1 3 Chalfont Wasps v Maidenhead United
 P Andrews  P Kelly  J Hobbs  C. Lifford
H: A.Feaver  A: M.Bettamer(2)  A.Bossman  A.Davis  A.Bossman
0 2 Chinnor v Rayners Lane
Station Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 125
 N Gibbons  F Devine  S N Smith
 A: S.Osei(2)  S.Braun  A.Samuel
2 6 Didcot Town v Finchampstead
Attendance 50
 O Denne  A Hill  R Highfield  D. Hutchinson
H: J.Clark  J.Eudell  A: N.Cooper  R.Evans  L.Frostick(2)  S.Ryan  H.Swabey  O.Thomas  K.Atkinson
2 0 Headington Amateurs v Henley Town
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 35
 A Dewar  R Cross  M Laughlin
H: O.Zaja(2)  O.Zaja  B.Rann
0 1 Milton United v Burnham
Milton Heights
3:00 PM

Attendance 36
 M Filipiak  K Barnett  S. Rudd
 A: A.Coomber  P.Howe  M.Brion
6 0 Penn & Tylers Green v Wokingham & Emmbrook
French School Meadows
3:00 PM

Attendance 67
 M Hounsell  A Whichelow  D Cox  R. Ansell
H: C.Hurst(3)  D.Jordan(2)  R.Tagoe-Gilbert  D.Jordan  A.Withers
Tuesday, 13 August 2013
3 2 Burnham v Woodley Town
The Gore
Attendance 40
 K Tribe  S Anderson  M. O'Riordan
H: R.Jeffery  D.Malloy(2)  A: L.Maycock  OG  L.Togwell  L.Maycock
0 2 Chinnor v Milton United
Station Road
7:45 PM

Attendance 70
 S Winters  M Bullock  D Commander  E. Moore (A)
 A: M.Chomyn  R.Joyce  J.Essex  R.Tyler
0 3 Didcot Town v Chalfont Wasps
Attendance 28
 D Simpson  I Vallance  B Harris  J. Chappell
 A: M.Skinner  F.Tripp(2)  O.Thomas  F.Tripp
4 2 Henley Town v AFC Hinksey
The Triangle
Attendance 42
 J Vallance  R Martin  C Ludlow
H: S.Commock(2)  M.Cooper  S.Cripps  A: J.Dunmall  A.Odhiambo  S.Commock  J.Dunmall
3 2 Maidenhead United v Rayners Lane
York Road
Attendance 40
 A Cuthbert  S Kamaldian  J Barnett
H: J.Giles  N.Robinson  R.Tye  A: R.John  C.McCarroll  B.Shaw  A.Samuel
2 2 Penn & Tylers Green v Headington Amateurs
French School Meadows
6:30 PM

Attendance 37
 C Christodoulou  S Reading  R Solomon
H: D.Jordan  OG  A: B.Cuff  L.Cuff  D.Jordan  H.Jenkins
Saturday, 17 August 2013
5 4 Didcot Town v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Attendance 56
 IR Christodoulou  R Solomon  J Wassall  P. Turner
H: J.Clark(2)  J.Eudell  L.Newport  J.White  A: M.Flaherty  J.Harley  L.Scope  J.Clark
1 1 Headington Amateurs v Woodley Town
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 23
 P Redmond  J Hobbs  B. Kirk
H: Y.Nkwanyuo  A: M.Alleyne  Y.Nkwanyuo  A.Smith
2 3 Henley Town v Chalfont Wasps
The Triangle
Attendance 30
 N Hussey  I Bath  D Commander  J. Chappell
H: B.Rann  G.Sims  A: A.Feaver  A.Hiblen  J.Ramsey  S.Commock  R.Sweales
4 1 Milton United v Maidenhead United
Milton Heights
 IO Christodoulou  I Alsworth  M. Jenkins
H: J.Beech  B.Chalmers(2)  P.Howe  A: R.Debatista  P.Howe  B.Shaw
1 3 Penn & Tylers Green v AFC Hinksey
French School Meadows
3:00 PM

Attendance 37
 K Kennett  S Webb  C Ludlow  S. Phipps
H: R.Tagoe-Gilbert  A: J.Constant  J.Dunmall  A.Odhiambo  J.Fox  D.Thomas
Tuesday, 20 August 2013
2 0 AFC Hinksey v Finchampstead
Culham Road
7:45 PM

Attendance 57
 George Evans  A Whichelow  D Cox
H: A.Odhiambo  D.Thomas  J.Beames
4 3 Chalfont Wasps v Chinnor
Attendance 41
 J Vallance  J Hobbs  S Reading  C. Lifford
H: A.Feaver  T.Kaill  T.Seddon(2)  A: S.Braun  J.Essex  J.Mabbett  R.Sweales  J.Essex
1 0 Milton United v Penn & Tylers Green
Milton Heights
Attendance 78
 S Maynard  P Redmond  J. Chappell
H: D.Cox-Rogers  J.Newport  J.Fox
3 1 Rayners Lane v Woodley Town
Tithe Farm Social Club
7:45 PM

Attendance 76
 C Potter  M. Payne  R Emmans
H: J.Mattan(2)  J.Smith  A: O.Cofie  J.Mattan  A.Smith
Saturday, 24 August 2013
0 3 Chalfont Wasps v AFC Hinksey
Attendance 46
 C Chard  J Hobbs  P Kelly
 A: R.Curtin  J.Dunmall  A.Odhiambo  A.Davis  J.McMahon
6 1 Chinnor v Maidenhead United
Station Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 76
 E Henderson  S Shannon  Local Referee  P. Montague (A)
H: R.Chapman  R.Daly  J.Essex(2)  J.Hawes  D.Paul  A: A.Watson  J.Essex  A.Watson
2 1 Headington Amateurs v Finchampstead
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 27
 G. Norris  S N Smith  M Bullock
H: L.Cuff(2)  A: S.Ryan  J.Cook  S.Ryan
0 1 Henley Town v Burnham
The Triangle
Attendance 25
 P. Guerin  R Cross  F Devine
 A: R.Lourenco  S.Commock  E.Sam
5 2 Milton United v Woodley Town
Milton Heights
 D Warren  S Nile  G Manyange
H: M.Chomyn  D.Cox-Rogers  R.Joyce  J.Newport(2)  A: D.Watkiss(2)  J.Newport  D.Watkiss
1 0 Penn & Tylers Green v Didcot Town
French School Meadows
3:00 PM

Attendance 37
 S Reading  M Terry  M. Payne
H: D.Arnett  J.Fox
1 3 Rayners Lane v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Tithe Farm Social Club
Attendance 56
 L Davis  R Emmans  C. Lifford
H: C.McCarroll  A: J.Butler  E.Rushforth  K.Sensussi  C.McCarroll  J.Butler
Tuesday, 27 August 2013
4 2 Burnham v Wokingham & Emmbrook
The Gore
Attendance 93
 D Simpson  J Barnett  D Commander  P. Turner
H: D.Malloy  OG  E.Sam  T.Williams  A: J.Butler(2)  T.Williams  N.Bateman
1 0 Headington Amateurs v Didcot Town
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 28
 Craig Boyles  I Bath  P Redmond  J. Chappell
H: B.Green  S.Jacobs  T.Ingram
1 4 Maidenhead United v Henley Town
York Road
Attendance 40
 A Hickman  G Ferris  R Highfield  R. Ansell
H: J.Hippolyte  A: S.Commock  A.Jeffrey  G.Sims(2)  J.Fairchild
Saturday, 31 August 2013
7 2 AFC Hinksey v Burnham
Culham Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 22
 A Hickman  Local Referee  E Henderson
H: K.Davis  J.Dunmall  J.McMahon  A.Odhiambo(3)  D.Thomas  A: R.Lourenco  D.Tomlin  A.Odhiambo  A.Coomber
1 3 Chalfont Wasps v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Attendance 56
 J Wassall  S N Smith  F Devine  D. Griffiths
H: F.Tripp  A: N.Bateman  J.Butler  E.Rushforth  S.Rogers  N.Bateman
4 0 Chinnor v Woodley Town
Station Road
3:00 PM

Attendance 85
 H Moore  Local Referee  C Ludlow
H: S.Braun  A.Dawson  J.Essex  J.Feaver  J.Essex  I.Graham
3 2 Didcot Town v Maidenhead United
Attendance 25
 P. Guerin  T Burt  G Manyange  I. Vallence (A)
H: J.Clark  L.Newport  J.Robinson  A: R.Debatista  N.Robinson  J.Robinson  N.Robinson
2 1 Henley Town v Penn & Tylers Green
The Triangle
Attendance 32
 N Gibbons  R Emmans  P Kelly
H: B.Rann  G.Sims  A: J.Fox  A.East  D.Jordan
1 1 Rayners Lane v Headington Amateurs
Tithe Farm Social Club
Attendance 58
 K Kennett  J Hobbs  N Hussey  C. Lifford
H: N.Russell-Smith  A: T.Payne  S.Stainsby  T.Payne