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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Division One (West) :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
19 in list
Saturday, 07 September 2013
6 1 Clanfield v Purton
Radcot Road
Attendance 33
 P Redmond  G Varley  J Wood
H: C.Mays(2)  S.Olphert  O.Oswin(2)  J.Wood  A: A.Gooch  O.Oswin  M.Wyatt
3 2 Easington Sports v Tuffley Rovers
Addison Road
Attendance 85
 A Emery  R Martin  I Alsworth  P. Montague (A)
H: L.Gardner(2)  C.Standen  A: S.Bradley  M.Foxwell  L.Gardner  M.Foxwell
2 2 Fairford Town v Tytherington Rocks
Cinder Lane
Attendance 36
 George Evans  N Waite  D Pinchen
H: M.Boucher  D.Drewett  A: J.Bishop(2)  D.Drewett  J.Bishop
0 2 New College Swindon v Lydney Town
Swindon Supermarine FC
 D. King  T Sharkey  A Davies  . CFA Assessor
 A: R.Kear  J.Morse  A.Swatridge  J.Morse
11 0 North Leigh United v Letcombe
Eynsham Hall Park
3:00 PM
 E Henderson  M Thompson  J Lyon  P. Turner
H: J.Dutton-Black  J.Fullerton(3)  S.Gee  J.Hughes(3)  L.Lewis  R.Moore  D.Shepperd  J.Hughes  G.Thatcher
6 0 Shortwood United v Old Woodstock Town
Attendance 51
 L Merchant  K. Iles  R Dyer
H: N.Humphreys  S.Lawson(3)  R.Thwaite  C.Underwood  S.Lawson  D.Roberts
Saturday, 14 September 2013
0 3 Carterton v Shortwood United
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 26
 C Powles  S. Carter  M Walker  M. Jenkins
 A: N.Humphreys  J.Rymell  C.Underwood  J.Halsall  C.Underwood
3 1 Lydney Town v North Leigh United
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 37
 D McMillan  S Arkwell  G Varley
H: J.Liddington  D.Morgan  J.Morse  A: A.Saunders  J.Addis  A.Saunders
0 1 Malmesbury Victoria v Easington Sports
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 37
 O Ballinger  B Hill  P Laggett
 A: M.Keenan  M.Solan  M.Dixon
5 2 Purton v Fairford Town
The Red House
Attendance 81
 R Smith  B Proffitt  A Baldwin
H: R.Child  J.Dorey(2)  A.Gooch  M.Hall  A: J.Allan  N.Gambling  M.Hall  J.Allan
2 1 Tuffley Rovers v Clanfield
Glevum Park
3:00 PM

Attendance 39
 N Fisher  D Pinchen  A Davies
H: M.Ford(2)  A: S.Olphert  M.Ford  A.Rogers
6 0 Tytherington Rocks v New College Swindon
Hardwicke Playing Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 62
 J Ainscow  A Baker  T Cleasby
H: T.Colbourne  S.Taylor(5)  S.Taylor  H.Myles
Saturday, 21 September 2013
5 2 Carterton v North Leigh United
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 25
 E Henderson  G Varley  L Peacock
H: A.Bowerman  S.Collins  A.Gieiolr(2)  J.Gray  A: N.Blackwell  S.Gee  J.Gray  A.Saunders
2 1 Clanfield v Tytherington Rocks
Radcot Road
Attendance 44
 J Wood  A Burns  B Lovegrove
H: S.Olphert  A.Pendell  A: S.Nelson  J.Zoldan  S.Nelson
0 1 Letcombe v Easington Sports
Letcombe Sports Ground
Attendance 27
 J Wassall  M Walker  A Longford  M. Jenkins
 A: L.Gardner  A.Claydon  B.Milner
4 0 Purton v Shortwood United
The Red House
Attendance 80
 J Cox  D Pinchen  T Sharkey
H: S.Campbell  B.Fitzgerald(2)  A.Gooch  B.Fitzgerald  J.Marklove
4 0 Tuffley Rovers v Old Woodstock Town
Glevum Park
3:00 PM

Attendance 38
 C Powles  T Cleasby  I Hamilton
H: M.Ford  M.Foxwell  OG  M.Wallington  M.Ford  D.Roberts
Saturday, 28 September 2013
2 0 Letcombe v New College Swindon
Letcombe Sports Ground
Attendance 33
 N Evans  A Emery  G. Norris
H: J.Glover  A.Goodchild  A.Goodchild  S.Lofts
4 0 Tytherington Rocks v Shortwood United
Hardwicke Playing Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 63
 D McMillan  D Commander
H: A.Criddle  S.Nelson  L.Sperring  J.White  J.White  L.Meredith