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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
49 in list
Tuesday, 03 September 2013
2 3 Abingdon United v Reading Town
United Stadium
Attendance 91
 O Ballinger  M Evans  D Foulks  T. Munt
H: G.Edney  L.Noble  A: M.Buck  G.Lewis  T.Nowell  G.Edney  M.Buck
3 1 Ardley United v Bracknell Town
The Playing Fields Ardley
Attendance 41
 M McIntyre  D Edwards  T Kelly  P. Turner
H: R.Brooks  J.Gardner  O.Stanbridge  A: OG  O.Stanbridge  J.White
5 0 Highworth Town v Abingdon Town
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 70
 George Evans  A. Povey  S Jacques
H: T.Bohane  M.Horsell(3)  A.Maximen  M.Horsell  R.Johnson
0 2 Holyport v Highmoor Ibis
Summerleaze Village
Attendance 42
 A Lewis  C Bullock  R Hey  R. Ansell
 A: J.Brown  P.John  J.Handscombe  D.Reid
1 2 Thame United v Shrivenham
ASM Stadium - Meadow View Park
Attendance 48
 D Nicholson  K Godfrey  R Solomon  S. Dolton
H: N.Hodgkins  A: M.Bown  R.Miles  E.Hercules  S.Robertson
Wednesday, 04 September 2013
2 0 Oxford City Nomads v Flackwell Heath
Court Place Farm Stadium
Attendance 64
 Craig Boyles  D Foulks  P Redmond  D. Hutchinson
H: A.Lovegrove(2)  M.Flanagan  O.Brown
0 4 Wootton Bassett Town v Wantage Town
The Corinium Stadium
Attendance 51
 A Armstrong  P Middlecote  P Laggett  M. Bullock (A)
 A: J.Deabill  T.Melledew(2)  A.Younie  S.Yeardley  J.Deabill
Saturday, 07 September 2013
1 1 Abingdon Town v Ascot United
Culham Road
Attendance 26
 J Ainscow  R Highfield  S. Skinner
H: J.Mills  A: J.Bennett  J.Mills  A.Dean
1 4 Abingdon United v Bracknell Town
United Stadium
 K Kennett  A Burns  IR Christodoulou
H: L.Noble  A: D.Broadbear  H.Brown  G.Sargeant  J.White  S.Davis  J.White
3 2 Binfield v Oxford City Nomads
Stubbs Lane
 K Norris  C Chard  P Kelly
H: D.Bellis  C.Davies  C.Whitty  A: A.Lovegrove  J.Mundy  D.Weait  M.Janes
2 2 Highmoor Ibis v Wootton Bassett Town
Palmer Park Stadium
Attendance 30
 A Dewar  S Kamaldian  S Nile
H: P.John  S.Peacock  A: S.Carter  L.Chatwin  J.Brown  L.Chatwin
0 3 Reading Town v Wantage Town
Scours Lane
Attendance 152
 N Fisher  A Hill  R Partlett
 A: T.Melledew  M.Pedder(2)  J.Knight  T.Melledew
Monday, 09 September 2013
2 1 Binfield v Highmoor Ibis
Stubbs Lane
Attendance 169
 M McIntyre  K Godfrey  C Chard  I. Vallence (A)
H: A.Cornell  D.Rapley  A: J.Brown  C.Davies  H.Bayley
Tuesday, 10 September 2013
0 4 Abingdon United v Brimscombe & Thrupp
United Stadium
Attendance 33
 C Wicks  D Warren  C Grove  R. Ansell
 A: A.Caldwell  B.Deakin  B.Prictor  D.Woodfield  L.Blackmore-Such  K.Nash
5 1 Ardley United v Holyport
The Playing Fields Ardley
Attendance 26
 E Turner  P Redmond  B Harris
H: R.Brooks(2)  J.Gardner  S.Howkins  O.Stanbridge  A: D.Wright  R.Brooks  N.Avery
1 0 Highworth Town v Thame United
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 58
 B Williamson  R Dyer  S. Rudd  R. Sayers (A)
H: OG  R.Sproule  L.Goss
3 0 Reading Town v Bracknell Town
Scours Lane
Attendance 98
 G Kornasiewicz  R Highfield  C Bullock  P. Hitt
H: G.Lewis  T.Mitchinson  T.Nowell  J.Blackwood  S.Cooper-Clark
Wednesday, 11 September 2013
2 1 Cheltenham Saracens v Abingdon Town
Petersfield Park
 N Templey  R Ashman  P Cobby  P. Prosser
H: J.Bryan(2)  A: G.Jones  L.Rayson  J.Rowe
Friday, 13 September 2013
0 3 Wantage Town v Oxford City Nomads
Alfredian Park
Attendance 100
 M Hounsell  A Burns  B Harris  M. Bullock (A)
 A: Z.McEachran  B.Moses  J.Rixon  S.Howe  M.Janes
Saturday, 14 September 2013
1 4 Abingdon Town v Flackwell Heath
Culham Road
Attendance 26
 C Christodoulou  A. Bunn  N Hussey
H: D.Fowler  A: J.Brown  A.Couch  A.Dickens(2)  C.Hunt  A.Dickens
1 1 Ascot United v Wootton Bassett Town
Ascot Racecourse
3:00 PM

Attendance 62
 P Andrews  P. Guerin  P Kelly
H: J.Bennett  A: L.Cox  M.Jones  J.Roberts
2 1 Bracknell Town v Cheltenham Saracens
Larges Lane
Attendance 65
 L Davis  D Cox  S Shannon
H: J.White(2)  A: J.Bryan  J.Hawtree  R.Betteridge
1 0 Highworth Town v Reading Town
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 53
 M Wheeler  R Ashman  K Barnett
H: T.Bohane  T.Joyce  T.Nowell
3 0 Kidlington v Abingdon United
Yarnton Road
Attendance 80
 O Denne  L. Carroll  D Foulks  P. Montague (A)
H: T.Castle  M.Duerden  B.Fitzmartin  T.Castle  A.Andrews
1 1 Newbury v Thame United
Faraday Road
Attendance 66
 N MacKenzie  C Ludlow  N Stanley  S. Phipps
H: C.Jenner  A: B.Connelly  S.Digweed
4 4 Shrivenham v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 41
 A Hunt  D. King  L Peacock
H: M.Bown  J.Fowler  R.Miles  S.Robertson  A: B.Deakin  K.Nash(3)  J.Fowler  K.Nash
Tuesday, 17 September 2013
1 3 Abingdon Town v Holyport
Culham Road
Attendance 6
 S Maynard  C Grove  M Thompson
H: R.Johnson  A: J.West  P.Woodhouse(2)  G.Jones  P.Woodhouse
1 4 Abingdon United v Cheltenham Saracens
United Stadium
Attendance 45
 A Hunt  G Ferris  L. Carroll  M. Bullock (A)
H: L.Hamilton  A: J.Bryan  S.Burrows  S.McKeon(2)  L.Hamilton  R.Joynes
1 2 Bracknell Town v Highmoor Ibis
Larges Lane
Attendance 75
 N Morrison  J Barnett  E Henderson  P. Hitt
H: A.Kelly  A: S.Peacock(2)  S.Barratt  S.Peacock
3 4 Brimscombe & Thrupp v Highworth Town
The Meadow
Attendance 50
 S Winters  S Campbell  G Little  I. Hamilton (A)
H: A.Caldwell  A.Price  J.Tubb  A: T.Bohane(2)  T.Joyce  A.Maximen  B.Deakin  S.Wadieh
5 3 Flackwell Heath v Shrivenham
Wilks Park
7:45 PM

Attendance 36
 P O'Hare  M Laughlin  W Mufiri
H: A.Dickens(4)  A.James  A: N.Blackford  J.Fowler  R.Miles  A.Dickens  J.Fowler
2 3 Kidlington v Wootton Bassett Town
Yarnton Road
Attendance 32
 D Simpson  D Pinchen  C Ludlow
H: L.Brownhill  T.Castle  A: L.Chatwin  J.Roberts  R.Stanners  T.Castle  L.Chatwin
1 1 Reading Town v Ascot United
Scours Lane
Attendance 50

Match delayed due to serious injury to a Reading player.
 R Smith  P Umali  Local Referee  P. Turner
H: T.Nowell  A: J.Roche  M.Buck  C.Grace
3 2 Thame United v Oxford City Nomads
ASM Stadium - Meadow View Park
Attendance 41
 I Lowe  J Bird  A Burns  T. Munt
H: T.Collins(2)  L.Cordice  A: L.Gabbidon  M.Janes  L.Farrow  L.Gabbidon
Saturday, 21 September 2013
1 4 Abingdon United v Ardley United
United Stadium
Attendance 42
 J Ainscow  D Warren  L. Carroll
H: G.Edney  A: R.Brooks(3)  T.Bryan  L.Noble  R.Brooks
2 2 Flackwell Heath v Cheltenham Saracens
Wilks Park
3:00 PM

Attendance 50
 A Cuthbert  F Devine  I Vallance
H: S.Glynn  S.Maclellan  A: S.Davies  J.Swales  M.Jones  L.Rayson
3 2 Newbury v Highworth Town
Faraday Road
Attendance 45
 R Smith  K Barnett  A Whichelow
H: C.Hill  B.Matthews  B.Wickens  A: T.Bohane  R.Saunders  D.Langford  R.Saunders
2 2 Oxford City Nomads v Ascot United
Court Place Farm Stadium
Attendance 49
 M Niemirski  R Solomon  S Williams  P. Montague (A)
H: Z.McEachran  J.Mundy  A: J.Roche(2)  J.Mundy  C.Grace
1 1 Wantage Town v Binfield
Alfredian Park
 B Williamson  D Edwards  I Alsworth  P. Scott
H: R.Guy  A: A.Cornell  M.James  D.Rapley
Tuesday, 24 September 2013
1 3 Abingdon Town v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Culham Road
Attendance 43
 N MacKenzie  J Hobbs  C Bullock  P. Turner
H: D.Hartigan  A: A.Caldwell  A.Price  J.Tustain  G.Walker  J.Tubb
2 1 Ardley United v Cheltenham Saracens
The Playing Fields Ardley
12:00 PM

Attendance 31
 G Kornasiewicz  M Evans  D Jacobs  T. Munt
H: R.Brooks  C.Convey  A: J.Bryan  J.Harding  J.Bryan
4 1 Ascot United v Abingdon United
Ascot Racecourse
7:45 PM

Attendance 60
 D Simpson  S Williams  S N Smith  D. Griffiths
H: R.Gier  M.Jones  J.Keough  J.Roche  A: J.Crook  J.Gritt  J.Crook
0 2 Highworth Town v Oxford City Nomads
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 45
 N Evans  P Redmond  K Barnett  A. Baldwin (A)
 A: L.Gabbidon  A.Styles  R.Byrne  M.Janes
1 4 Holyport v Flackwell Heath
Summerleaze Village
Attendance 46
 K Tribe  L Peacock  M Laughlin  D. Appleby
H: J.Harding  A: A.Dickens(3)  M.Jones  J.Harding  A.Dickens
3 0 Kidlington v Bracknell Town
Yarnton Road
Attendance 66
 J Okole  B Harris  B Proffitt  S. Dolton
H: T.Castle  L.Coyle  C.Turner  L.Brownhill  S.Barratt
2 3 Newbury v Highmoor Ibis
Faraday Road
7:45 PM

Attendance 52
 P Staynings  S Kamaldian  S Anderson  D. Hutchinson
H: C.Hill  C.Jenner  A: J.Brown  L.Ferdinand  T.Gooding  C.Jenner  T.Gooding
4 0 Wantage Town v Thame United
Alfredian Park
Attendance 41
 L Davis  D Warren  R Dyer  M. Bullock (A)
H: R.Guy(2)  A.Younie(2)  S.Howe  N.Rhodes
Wednesday, 25 September 2013
4 4 Wootton Bassett Town v Reading Town
The Corinium Stadium
Attendance 31
 N Templey  S Campbell  G Varley
H: L.Cox  J.Milhench(2)  J.Roberts  A: I.Likita  T.Nowell(2)  J.Warren  J.Milhench  J.Warren
Saturday, 28 September 2013
0 3 Flackwell Heath v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Wilks Park
3:00 PM

Attendance 60
 M Ferandez  C Bullock  A Whichelow
 A: K.Nash  B.Snook  J.Tustain  M.Jones  B.Snook