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Watford Friendly League
2012-2013 Season
Friday, 25 April 2014
Club Information
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  Abbots Youth U12 Red
  Abbots Youth U13 Blue
  Abbots Youth U18 Black
  Abbots Youth U18 Yellow
  AC Finchley U07 North
  AC Finchley U07 South
  AC Finchley U08 North
  AC Finchley U08 South
  AC Finchley U09 North
  AC Finchley U09 South
  AC Finchley U09 West
  AC Finchley U10 North
  AC Finchley U10 South
  AC Finchley U10 West
  AC Finchley U11 North
  AC Finchley U11 South
  AC Finchley U12 North
  AC Finchley U12 South
  AC Finchley U13 North
  AC Finchley U13 South
  AC Finchley U14 North
  AC Finchley U14 South
  AC Finchley U15 North
  AC Finchley U15 South
  AC Finchley U16 North
  AC Finchley U16 South
  AC Finchley U18
  AC Whetstone U16
  AEK FC U10
  AEK FC U12 Eagles Black
  AEK FC U12 Eagles Gold
  AEK FC U14
  AEK FC U16
  Aldenham Juniors U10 Athletic
  Aldenham Juniors U10 Pumas
  Aldenham Juniors U13 Rhinos
  Aldenham Juniors U14 Scorpions
  Aldenham Juniors U14 Tigers
  Aldenham Juniors U15 Eagles
  Alexandra Park U08 North
  Alexandra Park U09 North
  Alexandra Park U09 South
  Alexandra Park U09 West
  Alexandra Park U10 North
  Alexandra Park U10 South
  Alexandra Park U10 West
  Alexandra Park U11 East
  Alexandra Park U11 North
  Alexandra Park U11 South
  Alexandra Park U11 West
  Alexandra Park U12 North
  Alexandra Park U12 South
  Alexandra Park U13 East
  Alexandra Park U13 North
  Alexandra Park U13 South
  Alexandra Park U14 North
  Alexandra Park U14 South
  Alexandra Park U15 North
  Alexandra Park U15 South
  Alexandra Park U16 West
  Alexandra Park U18 Central
  Alexandra Park U18 East
  Alexandra Park U18 North
  Alexandra Park U18 South
  Alexandra Park U18 West
  Alexandra Park U18 Youth
  AS Southgate U10 Tigers
  Bedmond Youth U18
  Belmont United U09
  Belmont United U11 Red
  Belmont United U11 White
  Belmont United U12 Redsox
  Belmont United U12 Whitesox
  Belstone FC U13
  Belstone FC U14
  Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U16 Red
  Borehamwood 2000 U08
  Borehamwood 2000 U09 Red
  Borehamwood 2000 U09 White
  Borehamwood 2000 U10
  Borehamwood 2000 U11
  Borehamwood 2000 U13
  Borehamwood 2000 U16 (WITHDRAWN)
  Borehamwood Youth U07 All Stars
  Borehamwood Youth U07 Saints
  Borehamwood Youth U08 Rovers
  Borehamwood Youth U08 Youth
  Borehamwood Youth U09 White
  Borehamwood Youth U10 Reds
  Borehamwood Youth U11 Lions
  Borehamwood Youth U11 Tigers
  Borehamwood Youth U12 Tigers
  Borehamwood Youth U13
  Borehamwood Youth U14 Blue
  Borehamwood Youth U14 Reds
  Borehamwood Youth U16 Rangers
  Borehamwood Youth U18 Youth
  Brady Maccabi U09 Reds
  Brady Maccabi U11 Blues
  Brady Maccabi U12 Blue
  Brady Maccabi U13 Red
  Brady Maccabi U13 White
  Brady Maccabi U14
  Brady Maccabi U15
  Brady Maccabi U16
  Brady Maccabi U18 Red
  Bridgegale Rovers U18
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U07 Cobras
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U07 Sharks
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U08 Jaguars
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U08 Leopards
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U09 Hawks
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U10 Lions
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U10 Panthers
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U10 Tigers
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U11 Bears
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U11 Dragons
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U11 Eagles
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U13 Colts
  Bushey & Oxhey FC U13 Pumas
  Bushey Rangers U09
  Bushey Rangers U13 Eagles
  Cassiobury Rangers U08 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U09 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U10 Blues
  Cassiobury Rangers U10 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U11 Lions
  Cassiobury Rangers U11 Tigers
  Cassiobury Rangers U12 Leopards
  Cassiobury Rangers U12 Panthers
  Cassiobury Rangers U13 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U14 Panthers
  Cassiobury Rangers U14 Pumas
  Cassiobury Rangers U15 Panthers
  Cassiobury Rangers U16 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U18 Clarets
  Chorleywood U15 Red
  Chorleywood U16 Spitfires
  Chorleywood U18 Lions
  Chorleywood U18 Red
  Chorleywood U18 Scorpions
  Comets U16 Dolphins
  Croxley Guild YFC U08 Kites
  Croxley Guild YFC U09 Vipers
  Croxley Guild YFC U10 Panthers
  Croxley Guild YFC U10 Tigers
  Croxley Guild YFC U11 Blues
  Croxley Guild YFC U11 Clarets
  Croxley Guild YFC U12 Kestrels
  Croxley Guild YFC U13 Pumas
  Croxley Guild YFC U14 Reds
  Croxley Guild YFC U16
  Croxley Guild YFC U18 Cougars
  E.B.O.G. U13 Juventa
  Echoes FC U15
  Edmonton Rangers U07 Cubs
  Edmonton Rangers U08 Scorpions
  Edmonton Rangers U09 Hawks
  Edmonton Rangers U10 Cobras
  Edmonton Rangers U10 Lions
  Edmonton Rangers U11 Cougars
  Edmonton Rangers U11 Falcons
  Edmonton Rangers U11 Sharks
  Edmonton Rangers U12 Bears
  Edmonton Rangers U12 Jaguars
  Edmonton Rangers U12 Panthers
  Edmonton Rangers U13 Eagles
  Edmonton Rangers U14 Tigers
  Edmonton Rangers U15 Foxes
  Edmonton Rangers U16 Leopards
  Edson Youth U12
  Edson Youth U13
  Edson Youth U15
  Edson Youth U16
  Edson Youth U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  Elite FC U13
  Elite FC U18
  Enfield Rangers U07
  Enfield Rangers U08
  Enfield Rangers U09
  Enfield Rangers U10
  Enfield Rangers U11
  Enfield Rangers U12
  Enfield Rangers U13
  Enfield Rangers U14 Black
  Enfield Rangers U14 Green
  Enfield Rangers U15
  Everett Rovers U11 Blue
  Everett Rovers U12 Blue
  Everett Rovers U14
  Everett Rovers U15
  Everett Rovers U16 Blue
  Everett Rovers U16 Gold
  Everett Rovers U18
  Evergreen U12 Juniors
  Evergreen U16 Colts
  Evergreen U16 Juniors
  Evergreen U16 Youth
  Finchley Revolution U08
  Finchley Revolution U09 Yellow
  Finchley Revolution U10
  Finchley Revolution U11 Purple
  Finchley Revolution U11 Yellow
  Finchley Revolution U12
  Finchley Revolution U13
  Finchley Revolution U14
  Finchley Revolution U15
  Finchley Revolution U18
  Gadeside Rangers U08
  Gadeside Rangers U09
  Gadeside Rangers U10 Hornets
  Gadeside Rangers U10 Tigers
  Gadeside Rangers U11
  Gadeside Rangers U13
  Gadeside Rangers U14
  Gadeside Rangers U15
  Gadeside Rangers U16
  Gadeside Rangers U18
  Garston Boys U13
  Garston Boys U16
  Garston Boys U18
  Hadley Rangers U09
  Hadley Rangers U10
  Hadley Rangers U11 East
  Hadley Rangers U11 West
  Hadley Rangers U12
  Hadley Rangers U13
  Hadley Rangers U14
  Hadley Rangers U16
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U08 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U08 Herons
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U09 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U09 Herons
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U10 Eagles
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U10 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U10 Herons
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U11 Eagles
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U11 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U12 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U12 Herons
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U13 Eagles
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U13 Foxes
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U13 Herons
  Hadley Wood & Wingate U15 Herons
  Hampstead FC U13
  Hampstead FC U15
  Harvesters U07 East
  Harvesters U07 North
  Harvesters U07 South
  Harvesters U08 East
  Harvesters U08 North
  Harvesters U08 South
  Harvesters U08 West
  Harvesters U09 East
  Harvesters U09 North
  Harvesters U09 South
  Harvesters U09 West
  Harvesters U10 East
  Harvesters U10 North
  Harvesters U10 South
  Harvesters U10 West
  Harvesters U10 Yellow
  Harvesters U11 East
  Harvesters U11 North
  Harvesters U11 South
  Harvesters U12 East
  Harvesters U12 North
  Harvesters U12 South
  Harvesters U13 North
  Harvesters U13 South
  Harvesters U14 North
  Harvesters U14 South
  Harvesters U15 North
  Harvesters U15 South
  Harvesters U16 North
  Harvesters U16 South
  Harvesters U18 East
  Harvesters U18 North
  Harvesters U18 West
  Hemel Hempstead Town U07 White
  Hemel Hempstead Town U08 Red
  Hemel Stag Aces U13 Yellow
  Hendon United U12 Blue
  Hendon United U12 White
  Hendon United U13
  Hendon United U15
  Hendon United U18 Junior
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U10
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U12 Gladiators
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U12 Warriors
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U15
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U15 Panthers
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U15 Wildcats
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U16
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U16 Raiders
  Highgate & Muswell Hill U18
  Kings Langley U15 Knights
  Kings Langley U15 Youth
  Leverstock Green U15
  Leverstock Green U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  London Colney U08 Blue
  London Colney U08 Red
  London Colney U09
  London Colney U11
  London Colney U13
  London Colney U14
  London Colney U15
  London Maccabi Lions U07 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U07 White
  London Maccabi Lions U08 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U08 Green
  London Maccabi Lions U08 White
  London Maccabi Lions U09 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U09 Green
  London Maccabi Lions U09 White
  London Maccabi Lions U10 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U10 Green
  London Maccabi Lions U10 White
  London Maccabi Lions U11 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U11 Green
  London Maccabi Lions U11 White
  London Maccabi Lions U12 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U12 Red
  London Maccabi Lions U12 White
  London Maccabi Lions U13 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U13 White
  London Maccabi Lions U14 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U14 White
  London Maccabi Lions U15 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U15 White
  London Maccabi Lions U16 Blue
  London Maccabi Lions U16 White
  London Maccabi Lions U18 Green
  London Maccabi Lions U18 White
  Muswell Hill U09 Mustangs
  Muswell Hill U10 Colts
  Muswell Hill U11 Titans
  Muswell Hill U13 Cobras
  Muswell Hill U15 Tigers
  Nascot Wood Rangers U15 Eagles
  Nascot Wood Rangers U15 Falcons
  Nascot Wood Rangers U15 Hawks (WITHDRAWN)
  Nascot Wood Rangers U16
  Northwood U07 Red
  Northwood U08 Red
  Northwood U08 White
  Northwood U09 Blue
  Northwood U09 Red
  Northwood U09 White
  Northwood U10 Red
  Northwood U10 White
  Northwood U11 White
  Northwood U12 Red
  Northwood U12 White
  Northwood U14
  Northwood U15 Black
  Northwood U15 Red
  Northwood U16 Blue
  Northwood U16 Red
  Northwood U18 (Eighteen)
  Northwood U18 (Seventeen)
  Oakhill Tigers U09 Predators
  Oakhill Tigers U10 Sharks
  Oakhill Tigers U11 Cubs
  Oakhill Tigers U12 Knights
  Oakhill Tigers U14 Pumas
  Oakhill Tigers U15 Falcons
  Oakhill Tigers U16 Panthers
  Oakhill Tigers U18 Rangers
  Oakhill Tigers U18 Warriors
  Olympiacos U08
  Olympiacos U09
  Olympiacos U11 Red
  Olympiacos U11 White
  Olympiacos U12
  Olympiacos U13
  Olympiacos U14 Red
  Olympiacos U14 White
  Olympiacos U15
  Olympiacos U16
  Omonia U08 Gold
  Omonia U08 Green
  Omonia U09 Gold
  Omonia U09 Green
  Omonia U09 White
  Omonia U10 Green
  Omonia U10 White
  Omonia U11 Gold
  Omonia U11 Green
  Omonia U12 Green
  Omonia U12 White
  Omonia U13 Green
  Omonia U13 White
  Omonia U14 Green
  Omonia U14 White
  Omonia U15 Green
  Omonia U16 Green
  Omonia U16 White
  Oxhey Jets U11
  Panathinaikos Youth U08 Green
  Panathinaikos Youth U09 Green
  Panathinaikos Youth U10
  Panathinaikos Youth U11
  Panathinaikos Youth U12
  Panathinaikos Youth U13
  Panathinaikos Youth U14 Green
  Panathinaikos Youth U14 White
  Panathinaikos Youth U18 Black
  Panathinaikos Youth U18 White
  Pinnacle U09
  Pinnacle U11
  Pinnacle U12
  Pinnacle U15 (WITHDRAWN)
  Pinnacle U16
  Pinner JFC U10
  Pinner JFC U14
  Pinner JFC U18
  Potters Bar United U13 Blacks
  Potters Bar United U15 Whites
  Potters Bar United U16
  Potters Bar United U18 Whites
  Rickmansworth U07 Youth
  Rickmansworth U08 Youth
  Rickmansworth U15 Raiders
  Sandridge Rovers U12
  Sandridge Rovers U13
  Sandridge Rovers U14
  St Albans City U12 North
  St Albans City U12 South
  St Albans City U13 East
  St Albans City U13 North
  St Albans City U13 South
  St Albans City U14 West
  St Albans City U15 North
  St Albans City U16 East
  St Albans City U16 North
  St Albans City U18 East
  St Albans City U18 North
  St Albans City U18 South
  St Albans Rangers U08
  St Albans Rangers U09 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U09 Red
  St Albans Rangers U10 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U10 Red
  St Albans Rangers U11 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U11 Reds
  St Albans Rangers U12 Star
  St Albans Rangers U13
  St Albans Rangers U14 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U14 Red
  St Albans Rangers U15
  St Albans Rangers U16 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U16 Red
  St Albans Rangers U18 Don's
  St Albans Rangers U18 Star 95/96
  Stonegrove Park U18 Panthers
  Stonegrove Park U18 Tigers
  Sun Postal U11 Yellow
  Sun Postal U12 Blue
  Sun Postal U12 Yellow
  Sun Postal U13 Yellow
  Sun Postal U14
  VEP Knights U16
  Watford Youth Sports U16
  Watford Youth Sports U18
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U16 Sharks
  Whetstone Wanderers U07 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U07 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U08 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U08 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U09 Lions
  Whetstone Wanderers U09 Panthers
  Whetstone Wanderers U09 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U10 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U10 Lions
  Whetstone Wanderers U10 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U10 Tigers
  Whetstone Wanderers U11 Cougars
  Whetstone Wanderers U11 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U11 Lions
  Whetstone Wanderers U11 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U12 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U12 Panthers
  Whetstone Wanderers U12 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U13 Cougars
  Whetstone Wanderers U13 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U13 Tigers
  Whetstone Wanderers U14 Lions
  Whetstone Wanderers U14 Lynx
  Whetstone Wanderers U14 Pumas
  Whetstone Wanderers U14 Tigers
  Whetstone Wanderers U15 Tigers
  Whetstone Wanderers U16 Jaguars
  Whetstone Wanderers U16 Lions
  Whetstone Wanderers U16 Tigers
  Whetstone Wanderers U18 Jaguars
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